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Let’s be honest, the lives we are all currently living are heavily reliant on social media. We use it to talk to our friends and family which we can no longer meet and go for a coffee, to promote our businesses and other endless amount activities. But is the social media we know and love becoming less social and more exhausting? 
Online advertising is becoming increasingly important the more we advance into the current generation of online based business and marketing. 
2020 has, quite frankly, been terrible for many different reasons, mostly everything brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, but, with a vaccine around the corner, it’s time to start planning and looking forward to 2021. 
With a vaccine and an increase in mass testing, we are hoping more businesses can open, reopen and, fingers crossed, stay open. But with so many companies eager for business, how are you going to stand out from the rest? With a well thought out marketing campaign, of course! 
Like Marmite, some love it, some hate it, but however you feel about it, a national lockdown has returned. At least this time we have a rough idea of how long it will last! At Specky and Ginge, we always try to find positives in everything that comes our way so we’re going to share some tips on how to stay positive during this second lockdown! 
Stolen images. Russian bots. Burner accounts. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot fake accounts on social media but thankfully we’re here to help! 
We’re All in this Together. Better Together. Come Together. All Together Now. We’ve heard songs about togetherness for decades but today, more than ever, being together isn’t as easy as it always has been. Or is it? 
Fake news, sensationalist headlines and false information have always existed on the internet, as a form of clickbait, but we have seen a rapid increase of all three of these across social media in the past few years. All too often, we see articles written to spark outrage and gain traction with its likes, comments and shares rather than reporting the truth.  
Free Blog Friday was an opportunity for 5 businesses to have a free blog written by us and shared on our social channels for extra exposure. 
Meet Julie L Timms - The Diarrhoea Controller. Julie is our 4th Free Blog Friday. She is a breath of fresh air when it comes to helping people control their bowels. A sensitive subject for sure, but Julie is so down to earth and open to a fun approach to what she offers, whilst remaining respectful. 
Here is the blog we created for her - For Sh*ts and Giggles. 
Social media has been around for the best part of 23 years. Whilst social media has evolved over these years, for example being used by businesses to market and sell their products, and for communities to grow remotely, how much has it really changed more recently? 
Over the past few weeks .... months, no .... however long it is we’ve been in lockdown - you may well have heard about us all having to adjust to ‘the new normal’. Welcoming a different life as we ease out of lockdown and move towards what feels a bit more like life before the Coronavirus. 
Whilst we have very little idea of how to adapt to what ‘the new normal’ is, apart from staying away from each other and having hand sanitiser coming out of our ears, we do have lots of ideas when it comes to adapting your marketing strategy. 
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