Specky & Ginge LTD provides exceptional, people led social media marketing, personalised  
for your business - at an affordable price. 

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FREE 20 Minute Discovery Call! 
At Specky & Ginge we don't have a one size fits all program...after all, we are all unique both as people and businesses. This is why we offer a free 20 minute discovery call so we can find out a little bit about one another. 
There is no hard sell...that's not our style...we want to work with the people that have vision and want to see their business grow online. The people who want to work with us and are committed to making a difference in their businesses. 

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Make your profiles super effective with these handy cheat sheets. Download for FREE today! 

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Be accountable for your social media management with these handy checklists. Download for FREE today! 

The Not Quite Free Stuff! 

How To With Specky & Ginge - Coming Soon! 

Carys is currently working on a series of 5 "How To" videos. You'll discover:  
How to build your audience. 
How to talk to your audience. 
How to use hashtags. 
How to give your content some clout! 

Social Media Audits - From £49! 

How do you know whether your social media platforms are working for you or not? Book your audit today and we will provide our feedback and recommendations on how to improve them. 
A common question we get asked is “which is more important, my website or my social media?” The simple answer is BOTH
Think of them working together in harmony rather than separately. 
Think “content marketing”. Content marketing is vital for both your website and social media. Your website is the hub, the heart of your business and your social media creates powerful roads to where you want your customers and clients to go. Both are built around engaging your audience with great content. By pointing your social followers to your website, your engaged audience can then browse your other blog posts and web pages, potentially converting to paying customers. 
If you want more information on how we can support you in getting your website and social media working together, contact us for a chat! 
For more information call us today 0330 165 6551 or contact us HERE 
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