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In this blog we introduce you to an amazing tool for your business. Introducing - Risk Dashboard. 
What would you say if we could offer you an early warning system for your business? A system that tells you in simple terms where your business is non-compliant. 
What if we told you we could provide solutions for your business, manage your risk and reduce your costs in claims, risk of injury, illness and much more? Welcome to Risk Dashboard. 
What is Risk Dashboard? 
Risk Dashboard is the only software available that identifies vulnerabilities, gaps and opportunities within your organisation. It also provides recommendations and partners to support you in managing any potential risk. 
“Our mission is to empower everyone within your organisation with clear and accurate data that’s easy to understand. This allows you to make informed decisions and avoid financial and operational liability.” 
For us it’s not just about data, it’s about people and making a difference. Risk Dashboard is different. Why? 
Our technology makes us different; 
1. An audit platform 
2. A task management platform to work through identified areas of 'non-compliance' 
3. Ability to get help from experts 
4. Document management and storage 
Are you an SME, an Accountant, a Chamber of Commerce or an LEP/Growth Hub? We just have launched a free edition of the Dashboard, for you – ‘COVID-19 secure management’. 
It focuses on cashflow and business expenses management. We have also included a brand-new module which helps businesses encourage their staff return to work – safely. 
This free edition has 3 primary business objectives; 
• Reduce the number of insolvencies within the UK SME sector – the heartbeat of the UK economy 
• Reduce unemployment increasing – protecting our valuable social services 
• To develop and encourage a positive work environment, allowing our staff to return to work – safely…. 
Our new free edition of the Risk Dashboard helps you take the weight of the taxpayer for financial support and encourage best practice and excellent businesses cultures when it comes to staff safety. 
While we navigate our way through coming out of lockdown, our focus is to make a difference. We are here to help businesses to survive and thrive. We work towards keeping people employed and ultimately taking the weight of our vulnerable social services. 
If you would like to learn more about the FREE ‘COVID-19 secure management’ edition of the Risk Dashboard and how you can support your people ‘Returning to Work’ contact your Accountant / Business Advisor or local Chamber of Commerce and ask for a licence or download your free version by entering your details HERE: Using voucher code: NCBlog20.  
Alternatively contact Neil Campbell, Commercial Director at Risk Dashboard - neil.campbell@riskdashboard.co.uk. We look forward to hearing from you. 
This product is for healthy people working from home or returning to work, we are advising all employees to take health advice relating to the COVID-19 outbreak from trusted government sources – these sources are available by links from the system. 
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