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2020 has, quite frankly, been terrible for many different reasons, mostly everything brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic, but, with a vaccine around the corner, it’s time to start planning and looking forward to 2021. 
With a vaccine and an increase in mass testing, we are hoping more businesses can open, reopen and, fingers crossed, stay open. But with so many companies eager for business, how are you going to stand out from the rest? With a well thought out marketing campaign, of course! 
It is vital that this is not left until the new year as this may be too late to be effective – you should start planning now! One thing the pandemic has given us is more time to spend on our businesses as our social lives have ground to a halt. Although it may be disappointing to miss out on Christmas parties this year, you have more time to spend on boosting your marketing skills to get ahead of your competitors so you can afford amazing soirées in 2021 because your business has done that well! 
We think one of the best ways to do this is using social media. UK adults spent a quarter of their waking day online during the first lockdown, so as the pandemic has changed our online activity, businesses should adapt and use this to their advantage. Get ahead of the game and start planning your marketing strategy for 2021! Here are our top tips for planning your social media marketing! 
Set Yourself Goals – What do you want to achieve from your marketing? More business goes without saying but is it a certain amount extra income? Is it a certain number of engagements? You should be specific with these. Does increase engagement mean 10 new followers or 1000 new followers? This helps your goals be measurable which makes it easier to track your progress.  
Deadlines are very important too as these give you something to focus on and, in some instances, work harder to reach. If you set yourself the goal of 10 new followers in a week, this will make you work harder than if you had a month to reach this target. 
Stake Out the Competition – What do marketing campaigns of similar successful businesses look like? What engages people? We’re not telling you to copy them by any means but it’s good to know what works and what doesn’t work for your competitors. This could help you get ahead of other companies and make your marketing offering better! 
Get Inspired – Seek inspiration from other successful companies from any sector. What do you like? What engages you? What do your customers like and what do they want from you? Spend some time finding this out. If you find what excites your audience when it comes to social media marketing, it will become a lot easier to create engaging posts. Is it classy videos, fun-filled pictures, clever jokes or useful information? Or is it a combination? 
In summary, combine the above and set yourself achievable, measurable goals with deadlines to make sure you jump into 2021 with the best plan to get ahead of your competitors and boost your bottom line! 
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