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You’ve probably read and heard the word “unprecedented” more times in the last few weeks than you had in your entire life so we’re going to try and focus on something that has more… well… precedence! 
That is, of course, none other than social media and how it is keeping us together whilst we’re apart. Whether you’re entertaining yourself by lip-syncing to your favourite TV show on TikTok, playing games with your loved ones on Houseparty, or attending virtual work meetings on Zoom, social media is that one familiar thing in this unfamiliar world we’re currently living in. Through all their flaws and criticisms, social platforms are being used as positively as we’ve seen in a long time, especially to thank those still working on the frontlines to keep us all safe. 
The main benefit of having social media right now is that you can be in contact with your friends, family and colleagues and, especially, those who are alone during this period of lockdown. We can reach out to those people and let them know that even though they are alone, they are not lonely. We can reassure these people that they can be in contact with us whenever they feel the need and that they are not a burden. We can send those people photos and videos of what we’re doing so they can feel a part of it. We urge you to reach out to people you haven’t heard from for a while (what else have you got to do with your day!?), even if it’s just a quick check-up. Now is the most important time to look after those who are alone. Don’t let them be lonely alone. Be lonely together. 
At Specky & Ginge, we’d love to see what you’re doing to keep yourselves entertained using your social tech so please do tag us in posts and use the hashtag #LonelyTogether! 
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