Specky & Ginge LTD provides exceptional, people led social media marketing, personalised  
for your business - at an affordable price. 
Now, this is NOT aimed at your personal profiles as they should be saved for updating friends and family on what you’ve been up to (or not up to) in lockdown or posting a picture of next door’s cat that keeps tapping the back door for food. This is all to do with your business social media pages. 
Social media is fast becoming the preferred way of marketing as its vast pool of worldwide users can spread messages across the globe, giving businesses access to millions of potential customers – if it is used correctly.  
Now, we’re not saying we’re going to transform your page from 10 followers to 10 million followers over night, but the possibilities are endless with a decent online marketing strategy. Our audits are the first step in discovering what works for you and your business. 
Our audits will show you how well you are performing by analysing data gathered on your pages that assess all types of engagement. This includes ones that we can all see such as comments, likes, shares, retweets etc. but also includes date we can’t see as openly like how many people saw the post and how many people clicked the link to your website etc. Based on these findings, we can figure out what is effective and what isn’t. This will involve looking at keywords and hashtags that create higher engagements. Together, we can then create a plan around those effective keywords and hashtags to boost your presence among your target audience. Ultimately, this should increase sales and put a smile on your face. 
Aside from the data-crunching we look at things on face value too. We view your posts as your followers and potential customers would and ask ‘is this branding and marketing message clear?’ and ‘do the posts look good and make sense?’ A lot of the time, if the message isn’t clear and the posts don’t look good, users will scroll past as you failed to gain the interest of a potential customer. You must think of your pages as a shop window and each post as an item in the window. Placing striking things in your window will draw potential customers in. That should be the main goal of your online marketing strategy. 
You may think that your online marketing strategy is good and you may even have some sales from your socials, but do you know exactly what works and what doesn’t with your customers? Is the current return worth the time and effort that you’re pumping into your pages? If the answer’s no, then you’re in need of an audit. We know your business is unique and your online marketing strategy should be too. There is no ‘one size fits all’ with us. Our audits find the holes in your current strategy and we can help fill them with our bespoke packages designed to target your ideal clients, create engagements and boost your online presence. Even if you don’t have a strategy, we can build one together. At Specky and Ginge, we love helping businesses thrive and think your business will benefit greatly from one of our audits. 
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