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COVID-19 has affected many people and businesses in many different ways. Yet despite operating our businesses under very restrictive measures the need to market our brand is even more essential. However, we need to change the way we market to reflect these sensitive times and sometimes this can be an additional challenge on top of the current challenge of staying sane, and even afloat. We wanted to do something no matter how small to help, and so Free Blog Friday was born. An opportunity for 5 businesses to have a free blog written by us and shared on our social channels for extra exposure. The first to snap up our offer was The Lighthouse Centre in Northampton. Here’s our first blog for them – Hearts, Hands and Home. 
What do you think it takes to make a difference? Do you think it’s simply money or time? I guess both of these can and do make a difference but here at the Lighthouse Centre all it takes is hearts, hands and home. 
Hearts - The Lighthouse Centre was set up after recognising a need for a different kind of care. A need voiced by both professionals and the public. There was a clear need for the highest quality of care for people suffering long term conditions but a type of care that offers holistic therapies and more importantly in the comfort of your own home. 
Home - What does your home mean to you? To us it’s an enjoyable, happy place where you can live and laugh, it’s somewhere where you are loved, respected, and cared for. It’s all about family. 
So, with these values held in our hearts, The Lighthouse Centre was born. An innovative service, which is not available anywhere else in the country. There is also no waiting list a huge advantage to people wanting to begin care immediately. 
Our passion is providing complementary therapies and holistic care to patients. Treatments such as Hot Stone Massage, Indian Head Massage and Reiki. Our patients’ benefit in many ways.  
Firstly, we have a solid background in healthcare, so in addition to delivering a relaxing treatment we are also qualified to assess conditions, a patient’s wellbeing and if they need any referrals or interventions, we can arrange this. Our patient’s health and wellbeing is paramount to the team at Lighthouse. 
Hands – The Lighthouse Centre don’t receive funding, so it's passion, blood, sweat and tears from the team to keep going. We rely on help with fundraising and it is very much appreciated. 
The Lighthouse Centre exists to make a difference. Can you share your heart and hands to help support such a much needed and valuable therapy centre? 
Find out more about what the Lighthouse Centre can offer HERE
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