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We’ve now completed a month of 2020, how's it been for you? Things like ‘Dry January’, going to the gym, going on a diet and spending less time on social media are amongst the most popular January objectives but how many people actually stick to this? Have you considered or tried any of the above? 
You’ll always have that friend who says they’re determined to do well this time around, but somehow find themselves in McDonald’s after a night on the town, having blown their New Year’s Resolutions. 
As mentioned in last month’s blog, the way we are using social media is changing, it’s always evolving, but reducing time on social media is surprisingly one of the easier challenges. However, this does mean companies must work even harder to get the same engagements with their adverts and posts.  
Do you want to spend less time on social media, do you want to step back and have a bit of a detox but know your business online marketing must carry on? Luckily, this is where Specky & Ginge can help! 
We create bespoke packages that suit you and your business and work across a wide variety of social platforms. We can handle the extra work that is now needed to promote your business to maintain a high level of engagement and make your online presence as valuable as possible. 
Get in touch today to see how we can help you beat The Social Media Detox! 
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